Dear Excel,
It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter of resignation. 
After all the years we've spent together, it's difficult to imagine my workday without you. But alas, all good things must come to an end.
I’ve found a new love, a software that has surpassed you in so many ways. 
InterlinkIQ has all the flexibility and modularity that I could ever want, and its cataloging capabilities are nothing short of astounding. Plus, its customization options are endless, and it can solve problems that you never even knew existed.
I know, I know. You're thinking, "But Ken, we've been through so much together! You can't just leave me for newer, cooler software." 
The truth is, Excel, you've become stagnant. 
You're comfortable with your formulas and charts, but you're not moving forward. Meanwhile, InterlinkIQ is constantly innovating, always pushing the boundaries of what's possible.
So, Excel, I must bid you adieu. 
Thank you for all the great years we had together, and for helping me streamline my data and compliance issues. But it's time for me to move on, and I hope you can understand that.
#AskKen (a former Excel enthusiast)
P.S. If any of you, business owners out there are tired of being held back by your current compliance software, give a try. Trust me, you won't regret it.
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Here are just some of the areas that we serve:

Accounting/Bookkeeping Management Systems
Accreditation Management
Audit Management Systems
Approved Supplier Management Systems
Brand Risk Management Systems
BRCGS Systems – Agents & Brokers
BRCGS Systems – Consumer Products
BRCGS Systems – Ethical Trade & Responsible Sourcing
BRCGS Systems – Food Safety
BRCGS Systems – Gluten Free
BRCGS Systems – Packaging Materials
BRCGS Systems – Plant Based
BRCGS Systems – Retail
BRCGS Systems – Storage & Distribution
Business Development/Sales/Marketing Management Systems
Business Management Automation
Certification Management
Co-Manufacturing Management Systems
Compliance Automation
Consultant/Freelancer Management
Contact Relationship Management (CRM)  
Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) Management Systems
Critical Control Points (CCPs) Management
Cultivation Management Systems
Customer Care Management
Customer Requirements Management Systems
Distribution Management Systems
Document Control Management
Employee Management
Environmental Monitoring Management
Facility Management Systems
Food Code 2022 Management
Food Defense Management
Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment Management
Food Safety Management Systems
Foreign Supplier Verification Program Management
FSSC 22000 Systems – Animal Food Production
FSSC 22000 Systems – Catering
FSSC 22000 Systems – Farming
FSSC 22000 Systems – Food Manufacturing
FSSC 22000 Systems – Food Packaging Manufacturing
FSSC 22000 Systems – Retail & Wholesale
FSSC 22000 Systems – Transport & Storage
Formulation & Recipe Management
GFSI Systems
GMP Systems – Animal Food
GMP Systems - Cannabis
GMP Systems – Dietary Supplements
GMP Systems – Food
GMP Systems - General
GMP Systems – Pet Food
GMP Systems – Pet Supplements
GMP Systems – Pharmaceutical
HACCP Systems
Human Resources (HR) Management Systems
IFS Systems – Food Defense Plan
IFS Systems – Food Safety & QMS
IFS Systems – Governance & Commitment
IFS Systems – Measurement, Analysis, Improvements
IFS Systems – Operational Process
IFS Systems – Resource Management
Importing/Exporting Management Systems
Inspection Management Systems
Internal Audit Management Systems
Inventory Control Management
ISO Systems – Energy Management Systems
ISO Systems – Environmental Management Systems
ISO Systems – Food Safety Management Systems
ISO Systems – Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
ISO Systems – Petroleum, Petrochemical & Natural Gas Industries
ISO Systems – Medical Devices
ISO Systems – Quality Management Systems (QMS)
ISO Systems – Railway Applications
ISO Systems – Software Engineering
Laboratory & Testing Management Automation
Learning Management System (LMS)
Microbiological Criterion Management
Meeting Minutes Management
Manufacturing Management Systems
Maintenance/Preventive Maintenance Management
Outsourcing Management
Pathogen Monitoring Management Systems
PCQI Activities Management
Plant Management Systems
Pre-Operational Activities Management
Preventive Controls Management
Primus GFS Systems – Cooling & Cold Storage
Primus GFS Systems – Farm
Primus GFS Systems – Harvest Crew
Primus GFS Systems – Indoor Agriculture
Primus GFS Systems – Processing
Primus GFS Systems – Packing House
Primus GFS Systems – Storage & Distribution
Process Control Management System
Product Label Management
Product Recall, Withdrawal, Disposal Management
Product Release Management
Production Activities Management
Production Planning Management
Project Management
Protocols & Studies Management
Purchasing/Procurement Management
Quality Management Systems
Quality Control & Quality Assurance Systems
Records Management
Records Verification Management
Regulatory Management
Receiving Management
Retail Management
R&D Management
Safety (OSHA/CALOSHA) Management Systems
Sanitation Management
Service Provider Management Systems
Specification Management
SOP Management
SQF Systems – Aquaculture
SQF Systems – Animal Product Manufacturing
SQF Systems – Animal Feed Manufacturing
SQF Systems – Dietary Supplement Manufacturing
SQF Systems – Food Manufacturing
SQF Systems – Pet Food Manufacturing
SQF Systems – Primary Animal Production
SQF Systems – Primary Plant Production
SQF Systems – Manufacturing of Food Packaging
SQF Systems – Quality Code
SQF Systems – Storage & Distribution
Supply Chain Management Systems
Team Collaboration
Testing Management
Training Management Systems
Transportation Management
Vendor Management Systems
Warehouse/Storage Management Systems

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