HR Management – Now on


Management of Human Resources Compliance Requirements has always been a challenge to any organization regardless of if you are maintaining or growing your team.


At InterlinkIQ, we are addressing these challenges to connect your organization to the following customizable tools:


1.    Recruiting Management.

2.    On-Boarding Management.

3.    Employee Register Management.

4.    Jobs Description Connectivity.

5.    Training (Programs, Requirements, Schedules, and Calendar) Connectivity.

6.    All and Applicable Departments Connectivity.

7.    Employees Tracking of Requirements, Tasks, and Job Duties.

8.    Organization Document Sharing with all Employees - InterlinkIQ Connectivity – No need to email documents, shared document tracking and compliance with alerts and reminders.

9.    Employees independent portals access to review, update records, perform training requirements, and view shared company policies and procedures.

10. Learning Management System


InterlinkIQ is your end-to-end solution where process meets industry connectivity developed and customized for “You”, the owner, entrepreneur, operator, the agent in charge of a facility or process, and the practitioner. 


InterlinkIQ manages all aspects of connectivity of an enterprise and its employee’s connectivity to their assigned duties, tasks, customers, suppliers, regulatory, accreditation, and certification body programs, policies, procedures, forms for records, and training.


I invite you to get connected and join for free to evaluate InterlinkIQ’s connectivity to your enterprise and process.


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